H-1b Visa Data Distribution

The H-1B is a visa in the United States which allows U.S. employers to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations.

H-1B Visa Wikipedia page, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H-1B_visa

Dataset: Datasets of this year and previous years can be found in https://www.dol.gov/agencies/eta/foreign-labor/performance, I use the H-1B FY2019.xlsx dataset.

The key questions I will be covering include:

  1. What is the number of h-1b visa — annual salary distribution look like?
Number of h-1b visa — Annual salary distribution

Observation: The majority annual salary for 2019 h-1b visa petition lies in 75k~100k.

2. What are the top 50 job titles in the h-1b petition?

Observation: The top 5 job titles are all software developer related, software engineer applications contribute to most of h-1b petitions

3. What are the top 50 h-1b visa sponsors?

Observation: 7 of out 10 top sponsors are consulting companys. Other than consulting companies, most of the sponsors are tech companys.

4. What’s the salary distribution in Salesforce.com and Stripe?

blue line is 0.5 and 0.95 percentile
blue line is 0.5 and 0.95 percentile

5. What is the salary distribution based on location in Stripe?

6. What is the number of h1-b petition based on location?

New York: 32642 San Francisco: 16543 Chicago: 11796 Sunnyvale: 11269 Seattle: 10994 Atlanta: 10639 San Jose: 10538 Houston: 10037 Austin: 8508 Mountain View: 8060 Charlotte: 7721 Boston: 7082 Redmond: 6972 Irving: 6932 Dallas: 6874 Plano: 6628 Santa Clara: 5802 Phoenix: 5370 Columbus: 5090 Bellevue: 4896 Philadelphia: 4679

7. What is the salary distribution based on zipcode in Bay Area?

Observation: Places close to Palo Alto generally have higher salarys.